tips for sellers

There are always several steps involved in selling a home. Being better prepared, will help in the sale of your home. The following is a list demonstrating the value of getting a home inspection before you sell:


·        Providing a copy of the home inspection report to potential buyers can be used as a powerful sales tool.

·        Obtain information about potential concerns with your home you may encounter with buyers.

·        Show buyers that there will be no surprises, you had things checked.

·        Accurately complete your condition of property “disclosure form”.

·        Give buyers the option to use your inspection report for submission to their lending institution.

·        Receive important information to help prevent any last minute inspections that may threaten the “Closing”.


If you decide to have your home pre-inspected here is a small but helpful list.


1.)   Make sure the inspector has access to all parts of the home including the attic.

2.)   Good lighting if possible.

3.)   Secure all pets.

4.)   Plan to be there for the inspection too.

5.)   Ask questions, I expect it.