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About James J. Rooff


James J. Rooff

A full time home inspector working to serve you.

Helping educate families on one of the largest investments most will ever make.

Thank you for choosing to learn more about me as your professional inspector.

  Whether it's buying your 1st home or your 10th or having to relocate, it can still be stressful. Just be reassured that when you set up the time for the inspection it is our time, no big rush. You can take your time to look at the house and ask me questions, any question about the home. Attending your inspection is the prime opportunity to spend more time with your new home and me before you move in. Get acquainted with everything and if you don't understand something just ask. I'll be there to answer and explain as needed. You deserve to know what you are buying. This is the part of collecting knowledge to make an informed decision on what might be one of your largest investments. Be in control; know you're making the right choices for you and your family. (On average a 2,000 square foot or less home, allow 2.5-3 hours.)

 Unlike many of my colleagues, when you become my client, you get ME... not an assistant or employee. I am there for the inspection and available after the inspection if you have questions.

I am not affiliated with other contractors, repair companies, real estate agents or appraisal companies.


  • 4 years College, Arts & Business
  • 30 years experience in the construction trade.
  • Licensed General Contractor since 1992 and in good standing.
  • 4 years, plumber / pipe fitter
  • Worked with numerous sub-contractors in the Cedar Valley and Cedar Rapids area.
  • Lifetime resident of Iowa.
  • Certified Home Inspector graduate of AHIT Master Course.
  • PaRR certified, to help FEMA as a disaster specialist.
  • Member of NACHI ( National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.)
  • Member of IAHI (Iowa Association of Home Inspectors.)
  • Associate Member of the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Board of Realtors.
    As a licensed contractor, I will not give bids, estimates or work on homes I inspect.