conducting a Home inspection


While not necessary, I strongly encourage that the buyer be present for the inspection. I understand that taking 2 to 3 hours out of your busy day is hard, but remember this maybe one of the largest investments you may ever make. A small price to pay for what you may learn. Inspections allow the buyer to observe the property through trained eyes, ask questions directly, and obtain a better understanding of the condition of the home. I also encourage you to take this chance to become more familiar with the home. Learn how its systems work in general and obtain good maintenance tips to protect your investment. The written report may be easier yet understood if the buyer is present during the inspection.

 It is important that safety be used at all times during an inspection, so please do not misunderstand me if I ask you to take caution during an inspection.

 To help ensure my clients safety and inspect the property to the best of my ability, access and sufficient lighting is required at the property during the inspection.

 As an inspector I will provide a computer generated evaluation report based on my visual examination.

 At the conclusion of the home inspection, the buyer should be well informed of the condition of the home. It should be known if there are visible apparent problems, if repairs need to be made, or whether or not there are any risks of concealed damage and whether further investigation is recommended and/or required.

After the inspection is over I am always available by phone or E-mail with any questions you may have.