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Background of

 Milestone Home Inspection LLC


 Milestone Home Inspection LLC is a product of Mile Stone Construction Inc., which was founded 16 years ago, operating as a general contracting business doing projects from start to finish on new and remodeled homes and commercial projects. The company has controlled every aspect and subcontractor, thus requiring knowledge in all fields. Through the years, inspecting homes for friends and family became increasingly more and more in demand. In the year 2000, I decided to expand into the home inspection business but not until I attained the certification needed to perform such inspections as certified and qualified home inspector. 

 I take my work seriously because homebuyers today rely on a professional third party home inspection in order to make informed decisions. I am consistently attending ongoing training and looking into value-added programs to help homebuyers and sellers to address their needs. 

 Buyers are not the only ones who benefit from my professional home inspection. Homeowners (Sellers) can also benefit with my thorough presale inspection, which often means a better chance for a trouble-free sale. Moreover, Real Estate Professionals rely on professional inspections to achieve smooth and successful transactions while meeting their clients needs and legal obligations.

 I hope you will find helpful information during your visit to my web site. Whether you are a homebuyer or seller, your interest in Milestone Home Inspections is appreciated. I wish you good luck and I am there for you to help find the perfect home.